Hello I'm

Rodolfo Novak

Canadian based in Toronto, born and raised in São Paulo. I've founded four companies. I am constantly starting and getting involved in new projects or advising companies.

Addicted to creating new hardware and software things. Love pragmatic user experiences. Most days I'm strategizing and designing products or hacking prototypes in my shop. I'm a fan of radio, crypto, security, privacy and all cypherpunk things. Got into Bitcoin in the very early days. Created many Bitcoin firsts; Payment Terminals, Debit Cards, Wallets, HSMs, USB Credit sticks. Been a Bitcoin cheerleader ever since. Active in the Toronto startup community.

Read my jabbering on Twitter @nvk;
reach out directly on rodolfoatrnvkdotorg or;
if you are in T.O. call VE3NAK on 444.400MHz[VE3TWR] 73!
PGP: 0x1C9E033C6C658606